Coconut Pith

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An essential foundation for any potting medium:

Pithy Coconut Coir is the choice spongy protective ingredient that exists between the outer skin of the coconut and the actual nut.  It’s a wonderful medium for hydroponic applications, container gardens, and pots. Coco coir is also great for indoor plants, especially for soilless planting. 

A myriad of potting applications:  For flowers like roses, orchids, and anthurium, the spongy coconut pith is an ideal plant growing medium. It is also used in Thailand for the cultivation of several vegetables as well. 

There are numerous advantages of using natural pithy coconut coir as a component of your potting medium:

1. Provides superb moisture to the plant
2. It will soak up water and prevents water retention
3. Balanced supply of minerals
4. Maintains excellent temperature for plant
5. Preserves good ph value for plant
6. Reduces fungal growth in plant
7. 100% naturally Eco-friendly
8. Low cost, as it takes 5+ years to decompose in a pot