6" Nursery Grade Hanging Basket

Bulk Order: Available


  •  Handcrafted in the Southern villages of Thailand, these “Nursery Grade Bird Nest” style of hanging baskets are beautifully designed for both form and function.  The natural coconut coir is created from the husk of the coconut that soaked in water for approximated 4 months so the fiber can soften, break down and then dried in the sun.


  • Thai floras are world renown and this “nursery grade” coir mat basket has a ridged heavy duty plastic mesh-net frame that provides long term structure for multiple plannings.  This thick coir is porous but once doused, it retains lots of moisture and has been used for ages in Thailand as the best way to nurture orchids and draping floras.  Ideal for medium plants, orchids, vines, floras, cuttings that can also be directed rooted in a planter.  


  • Container radius at widest point is 6 inches and the hanging length is approximately 12 inches top to bottom (lengths vary slightly, as they are not mass produced) and comes with a plastic insert pot to maintain shape.  These Thai baskets are popular for both potting soil and air flora.  Nursery tested for maximum durability.  The Thai climate is brutal on anything the resides in the garden. Monsoon showers and intense tropical heat can disintegrate even the best of planting pots.  These mesh-net bird nest plant hangers are built to take a punch.