4" Thai Handmade Hanging Orchid Basket

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  • TOTALLY UNIQUE: Handcrafted in the Northeastern villages of Thailand, these “Bird Nest” style of hanging baskets are beautifully designed for both form and function. The dark coffee color is created from soaking the reeds and allowing them to dry by the fire. This time honored process is essential as the smoke naturally fumigates the stalks from both microbes and insects.


  • SKILLFULLY CRAFTED: Thai orchids are world renown and this “Siam style” bamboo basket has been used for ages as the best way to nurture draping floras. As these baskets are hewn by a fire to dry the reed stock, a faint hint of the charred scent is innate to the fabricated bamboo cane sedge.


  • HAND WOVEN: Individually handcrafted and designed to endure daily use, these multi-functional plant hangers adorn the garden walls and entrance ways to many Thai Temple gardens and are functionally designed to allow water to drain even if drenched in a monsoon rain. The metal hangar will fade to an oxidized patina over time that will also match the color of the dark reeds.


  • BASKET SIZE: Container radius at widest point is ~4inches and the length is approximately 13 inches top to bottom (reeds vary slightly, as they are not mass produced) not including the metal hanging hook, which can be adjusted. These are ideal for larger plants, orchid medleys, vines, floras, cuttings that can be directed rooted in the soil or with a 3 inch diameter plant pot


  • EASY CARE, SIMPLE TO CLEAN: Rinse with water and these beautiful decor baskets are quick to air dry in the sunlight, Please note that; as these handmade hanging baskets are individually constructed, there may be slight variations in color shade and/or may contain common bamboo fleck blemishes that occur naturally during each rendition of the drying process.